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Today I write about presents and show you the last two Challenge pics! XD It could be my longest post on this Blog *lol* (´ ▽`).。o♡

My Mom was in Barcelona and brought me some presents!!

Pullover from Mango! ♥

I love this collection! My mom bought this coat for herself, but I can wear it too lol

Yeah, owls are everywhere XD Now I also have one and I love it!(Green is my fav color!)

Yeah! More tounge piercings! 2 of them glow in UV light (neon green and pink) the other ones are cool too, arent they? XD *lol* the green blingbling matches my belly piercing XDD

Now I'm eating different Salami from Spain XD I can feel the pimples coming out to the surface XD *ugh* *can't stop eating*

And here are the last Challenge pictures!! XDD

Day 28: Fav DVD

I love his movies =D

Day 29: What's in my Bag

Bag - My shoes
Portemonnaie - Aigner (old, from Mom)
Nessesair - Hello Kitty... (London, Mom XD)
Book - Haruki Murakami XDD
USB - Hello Kitty from Office World(?)
Phone - Samsung Nexus (use it only for games -.-)

Inside the nessesair =D

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